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My favorite manga of all time

These are my all time favorite manga (10):

(note: analysis/breakdown can be found here)
(previous version (more explanations) can be found here)
(newer version (slight update) can be found here)

ao no exorcist
black lagoon
hyakki yakoushou**
ocha nigosu
space adventure cobra
vinland saga
angel densetsu
chrono crusade
karakuri odette
kyou kara ore wa*
mermaid saga
nurarihyon no mago
tokyo kushu
ushio and tora
yuyu hakusho

* all time favorite
** second place for all time favorite

Ones that did not quite make the cut (9.7-9.9) (unfinished, not quite good enough, withholding final judgement):

jiraishin diablo
saru lock
the gamer
yamikin ushijima-kun
kimi wa pet
koe no katachi
threads of time
psychometrer eiji
seigi no mikata

city hunter
oresama teacher
chocholat (KUBONOUCHI Eisaku)
aku no higan – beyond evil

change guy
angel heart
black jack
sakamichi no apollon


As long as I’m feeling nostalgic… Top Manga

Top manga (10) – (preview)

Update 11/24/13: Master list page (aka tldr;) can be found


Was going through old Inuyasha intros and got really nostalgic :/

So. This is something I started writing on perhaps around 2010 or early 2011 after I got my itouch around late 2009. This is a list and descriptions of all the mangas I love the most (especially given that I read a ton of manga) and I had originally intended to publish it in parts (each list on the contents) but never got around to doing that. So, given now that I don’t have as much time to read/rate manga or to proofread what I have written, I’m just going to publish this now so people can see it.

approximate CONTENTS:

Manga list/Intro
addition – Kurosagi
new category?
fell in love at first sight
addition – kazan
addition – Holyland
the almosts
category – coming of age
category – comrades
3/3/13 update
march 23 ’13 update

Manga post…

Anyways I think I’ll eventually talk about my favorite manga sometime somewhere. Might as well start now since I’m in the mood.
What I consider my favorite manga is anything that  I’ve rated a 10 on my mangaupdates list. As to choosing which mangas I rate a 10, it has to be something that I like a lot (of course) and most importantly, something that I read over and over again without getting sick of it.
So, a list, in no particular order
Vinland saga
Nurarihyon no mago
Ocha nigosu
Ao no exorcist
Hyakki yakoushou
Black lagoon
Angel densetsu
Chrono crusade
Karakuri odette
Kyou Kara ore wa
Mermaid saga
Yuyu hakusho
Ushio and tora
This is out of over 350 manga that I’ve read/tried, so it’s not too long of a list 😛
So…. That’s 20/350, or around 6%. Not too bad.

There are a lot of 9.9’s and 9.8’s that almost made it because I enjoyed them very much and thought that they were very good, but sadly, they aren’t something that I’d try again anytime soon or they don’t have enough chapters released to really tell

I’ve never really found anyone wih similar tastes. Mainly because I dislike romances so that takes away about 95% of the manga reading population (if you look on most mu user’s profiles their first top category tends to be romance. Mine, in order, is action, comedy, drama)… Some scanlation groups have come close (project bite me, gantzwaitingroom) but the mix of my tastes is kind of weird. I guess the overall themes would be arrogance, antihero, badassery, delinquents, and fighting… I’m starting to become concerned for myself. Lol.

Top manga (10) – categorized-

perfect scenario – Arago, mermaid saga, ushio and tora
Mangas whose plotlines I really liked. The kind where I go, “I’m going to like this manga”
– gun action – Jiraishin, sunabozu, black lagoon
I like gunfighting mangas….
– masterpiece – Parasyte, dorohedoro, hyakki yakoushou, Vinland saga, ao no exorcist, nurarihyon no mago, karakuri odette
So good that they deserve a 10. Plotline, characters, art, storytelling, etc. None of them are types of manga that I have a disposition to, but I love them all the same.
– personal fave – Inuyasha, chrono crusade, yuyu hakusho
Mangas that get a 10 simply because they have a special place in my heart (they’re good in my opinion…)
– delinquents – Kkow, ocha nigosu, angel densetsu, gokusen, yyh?
Like guns, I like delinquent mangas. The old school showa kind 😀
>>>Other scenarios
– demons/devils/youkai

Top manga (10) – categorized 2
Another attempt at categorizing
Mangas I’m loyal to – inuyasha, Kazan, chrono crusade
Mangas I love the plot of
Mangas that are perfect – hyakki yakoushou,
Mangas in which I love the characterizations

Top manga (10) – Genres

Let’s go genre searching :P…..
Tags that I deem insignificant I’ll ignore….
Shounen: 10
Seinen: 7
Josei: 2
Shojo: 1
I actually thought that there’d be more seinen than shounen there… Surprised myself.
Action xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Adventure xxxx xxxx xx
Drama xxxx xxxx x
Comedy xxxx xxxx xxxx xx
Romance xxxx xxxx
School life xxxx xxx
Slice of life xx
Martial arts xx
Fantasy xxxx xx
Historical xxx
Supernatural xxxx xxxx xx
Tragedy xx
Mature xxxx x
Mystery xxxx
Sci-fi xx
Horror xxxx
Psychological xxx
Ecchi x
…I need to check this again… I can only count 3 or so non-action mangas….
Actually, it might be correct.

Top manga (10) – descriptions

Warning: spoilers spoilers spoilers.
-Angel densetsu
It wasn’t until the third time that I read this that I actually liked it. I hate misunderstandigs in manga, and this manga is the definition of misunderstanding. But I adore the friendships and badassery. I can’t say I really like angel densetsu that much but it deserves to be here. (includes lots of delinquents and fights… That may have helped)
-Ao no exorcist
I think ao no exorcist is very well done. That, and I do like the “son of Satan” theme. But really, ao no exorcist manages to have the shounen cliches without actually making them cliche. The characters have no nonsense or bullshit. They actually have their heads screwed on right. Their actions can be explained. Only thing is yuki doesn’t act his age. He acts like, 30 or something. But apparently he has to be the younger brother so…. Poor guy. Ao no exorcist is a manga that I’ve followed since it was first released in English. Just like nurarihyon, I thought that this manga also had the potential to be “the next big thing”. Maybe, maybe. It still is going strong.
A plot idea that I’m really fond of at heart. And I like the main character. I hve no idea why I like arago so much. Even with the axing it still needs to be here (though t was a 10 before it was completed)
-Black lagoon
Wonderful wonderful smexy badass awesome action manga. Need I say more? But I do love how evil rock gets in the manga. That’s a rare occurance.
-Chrono crusade
I think the only reason why this is here is cuz it’s the first manga I read as a manga. Actually, it was volume 3 of bleach but since I had no idea what was really going on, it’s chrono crusade. I remember reading it and thinking, “wow, this is so much better than bleach.” chrono crusade was the manga I kept (the book) next to my bed and read in the wee hours of the night. The ending is soo bittersweet… So yeah. If inuyasha was my first anime, chrono crusade was my first manga.
Dorohedoro is just… *drools* I don’t know how a manga can be so weird yet so perfect. The plot is amazing, the characters are amazing, but it’s just so weird (in a good way). It looks sloppy and sketchy and dark but it’s an amazig manga.
When I talk about gokusen, it’s kinda inevitable that I compare it to the like like hammer session, gto, and even shibatora. However, gokusen is most definitely unique. It’s the only romance that I’ve ever ever cheered on o_o
-Hyakki yakoushou
The absolute definition of a perfect manga. It’s wonderfully balanced between comedy, action, suspense, horror, and supernatural. Each chapter has an unpredictable plot and all the characters are unique and deep in their own ways. And of course, it’s episodic. Like, ACTUALLY episodic. So I can put up with long release schedules. Each story is amazing. The author complains about deadlines all the time in the omakes, but hell, I don’t know how each chapter could be any better.
What can I say? Strong ties of loyalty there. Inuyasha was the first anime I watched as an anime. And I stuck with it until the end. And then when the final act came out, I watched that too…
Idaa is one cold bamf. I love the darkness of the characters and the plots. It’s also episodic. Lots of guns and action and the darkness of the human soul. Funny thing is thattue shit that happens in the last arc had NoTHING to do with their occupation at all. And that’s what makes it the saddest.
-Karakuri odette
The only shojo. Don’t know why, but I like all of suzuki julietta’s works. Probably a combination of the main character learning about love and the personalities of the male main characters. Asao is great.
-Kyou Kara ore wa!
If I were to choose one and only one manga to read, kkow would be the it, hands down. Not only because it’s long, but it really is the best. I’m left laughing at the end of every chapter. I’ll admit, I avoided it at first because of the art, but really… Don’t not read kkow because of what it looks like! You get used to it. Can’t help but love mitsuhashi’s attitude though. The revenge part is extremely satisfying. It’s kind of a “you get me and I get you back and you deserved it” sort of thing. Childish, but refreshing. Best of all, I’m always laughing at the end of every chapter. But anyways, what’s weird is that kkow is the manga I was the most sad at at the ending. Out of all kids of completed endings, the unaxed, the axed, the bittersweet, the happy, the nothing changes… Kkow makes me sad the most. Usually, characters grow and develop during manga (exception jiraishin but that’s a special case) but they didn’t really in kkow. Sure, they become all good friends but… The way the mangaka wrote it… They aren’t going to college, they don’t know what they’re doing with their future. It’s a complete open ended cliffhanger (“tomorrow, we meet again”). No matter how I think of it, I can’t imagine them in normal society. I really do feel like mitsuhashi will end up yakuza. The end of kkow is like the end of a good dream… It’s over.. They can no longer do what they originally wanted in high school (though they achieved that). In their minds they’re still in that mentality but the world and time has moved on. It couldn’t last forever and eventually they had to graduate. Sure, there’s riko and kyoko but I mean Japanese society and women and I just don’t know. The magic of kkow could only happen in high school. After that, it was over. The author built up a lot to it too, with all the indecision and stuff. It just… Makes me so sad. I wish kkow would go on for ever and ever. I can’t help but wonder all the time where the duo ends up in life…
-Mermaid saga
When I look back now, I realize that mermaid saga is probably my perfect immortality manga. The wandering, companionship, regeneration, pursuit, mystery, wanting an ordinary life, loneliness, hiding, etc. I tried brainstorming immortality but the ideas all went back to mermaid saga. Anyways, mermaid saga on this list is partially because of my love for inuyasha.
-Nurarihyon no mago
When I first read nurarihyon no mago back in dec 08/Jan 09, I thought, “man, this has the potential to be the next big thing.” and although it hasn’t turned put the way I would have liked, nm is still amazing. Nuramago is a amalgam of seemingly cliche but rarely used ideas (secret identity, quarter blood, inheritor, yakuza, traditional jap akayashi, etc) with each idea presented in a unique way and the entire thing successfully combined. It’s a good piece of work, and it happens to be just the way I like it. When I was searching for a manga like nuramago, I never found anything close :(. Nurarihyon no mago is one of the two mangas I love stylistically. The other is bleach. Been following this since dec ’08 around 40 translated chapters… So pretty early! Even with its faults I was still super sad when it ended. Can’t wait for the author’s next work!
-Ocha nigosu
The fact that this manga is here shows how much of my admiration for kkow has spilled onto another one of the author’s works. Ocha nigosu is funny but it just… Isn’t… As good…..
I loved the buildup of the plot. Parasyte is rough, not perfect, but its imperfection is what makes it what it is. Sorry, that was weird. Anyways, the plot is good, the action is good, and the concept is unique. The author is super skilled and creative ^_^
The only ecchi. I hate ecchi. So why sunabozu? It’s very very unique. Unlike most ecchis, it doesn’t concentrate on the females or their boobs or whatever; it mostly concentrates on the character’s actions and reactions and the humor of that part. Not as much fanservice. [] I also like desert mangas. And the action…. Hurghhhhh <3. The manga contains minimal bullshit. It can be very unforgiving to its characters but not in a gory or sadistic way.
-Ushio and tora
Another one of those that I just immediately fell in love with after reading the title. The selling point of ushio and tora for me is the relationship between the two. And ofc I stuck with it until the end.
-Vinland saga
After reading through most of the released chapters (first time I read it) I was like, oh, wdf, I’m already this far?anyways, Vinland saga is a masterpiece (with some great action, hehe). The relationships and the characters are deep. The manga is SUPER unpredictable (yet it still works!) I’ve realized that I could have never guessed that Canute would kill askelad and throrfinn would become a slave. Never never never. It’s like the author just makes random stuff up as he goes along but makes it seem like he knows what he’s doing. I swear he knows what he’s doing and that Vinland saga will go a certain direction. It’s just not gonna be obvious. And we’ll never see it coming ^_^
-Yuyu hakusho
I guess yuyy hakusho holds a special place in my heart. When I was 10 or so, we visited a Chinese party with people we hadn’t seen in awhile at a Chinese restaurant. There was a girl watching the anime, and it was subbed in English and dubbed in Chinese. Years later, when I stumbled upon yyh at my local library, I had sworn that I saw hiei somewhere. It wasn’t until scanlators began scanning and the arc where the hole was just beginning to open up was released that I recognized the scene where hiei loses his soul and kurama outwits the other guy. It was pretty exciting. Anyways, these days what I like most about yyh (just saying, I’ve always liked the 4 main characters) is its development. You can tell that the author just put down whatever he had in mind and let the plot go wherever. It’s pretty obvious when yyh transitions into a fighting manga after yusuke fights hiei. Sure, there are many ways you can work yourself into dead ends and holes, but I just like the way yyh progresses.
Anyways, it’s pretty clear that the mangaka makes it up as he goes along. But he does it well. No bs plot twists, nothing planned out. He’s a hell of a storyteller.

Top manga (10) – Addition: Kurosagi march 8 2012

Well here I induct kurosagi to the top manga list :3
I was reading it again for the somethingth time, and when I looked at its 9.9, I wondered why it wasn’t a 10. So here it is. I think I first read kurosagi around the same time I read yamikin ushijima-kun. Both are really similar, but YU has too little releases to really tell. But it might come soon. Kurosagi has an arrogance similar to jiraishin… The art may seem kind of shouneny, but it still has its charm. I just love the con artist stuff. Especially that moment of truth when the other dude realizes he was fked over…

Top manga (10) – new category?

I’ve noticed that I like stuff like holyland and kimi wa pet (holyland may actually become one of the next 10). I realized that I like mangas where the character is struggling with identity, like coming of age or inner demons and such.

Top manga (10) – mangas I fell in love with at first sight

As in, I read the description and was like, “whoah. This manga sounds amazing.” like Hyde and closer or ushio and tora

Top manga (10) – themes/occurances that I’m a sucker for
-partners (you n me) – duos, bromances, friendships, unconditional trust, anything but romance.
-guns – or any good action in general…
-worst enemy becomes best friend (?)
-hidden identities
-includes con artists

Top manga (10) – addition: Kazan

June/July 12
This manga is here because it deserves to be here. I don’t think Kazan is particularly memorable or that it is something I’d read over and over again, but Kazan is a masterpiece. And it needs a 10. It was 9.9 for a long time because I was waiting to find the ending. Which was apparently scanlated anyways. Should have known before I bought. Oh well. Money well spent.

Top manga (10) – addition: holyland

30 July 12
Finally finished holyland. It. Was. Beautiful. A coming of age manga for sure. I’ll admit that I glazed over a lot of the fighting technical parts (shamo is more lethal… And is also a little similar of a manga) but when I read it it was exactly how I felt. That and I love friendships. And delinquents. Delinquets everywhere. I read holyland back when it was first coming out on onemanga and I thought it was pretty good, though I stopped reading after OM closed down… I come back a couple years later and I realize that holyland was finished and I’m like, wait, wut? So read it from where I thought I was and it was just amazing. And like I said, it matched up to how I was feeling at the time. But oh Man. Holyland is amazing. The feelings in it are just… Yuu’s feeling of alienation and escape. A want of meaning. Shugo’s jealousy of natural talent, of what he doesn’t have (shuuugoooo…). Having your actions misinterpreted. Friendship. It just strikes home.

Top manga (10) – the almosts

9.9 or 9.8 and a couple of 9.7s
These mangas are ones that have potential to go into the top manga list. The reason why they aren’t yet is because either I don’t like them enough, I haven’t read enough, I think they’re wonderful but wouldn’t read again, or I’m just not too sure. Anyways, in no particiular order:

>argh those feels. Brilliant but I wouldn’t read again.
Threads of time
>genius plot, storyline, and pacing. Lots of feels with this one but still wouldn’t read it again. The ending is just… Oh god this should deserve a 10 from the ending alone but I just don’t like it that much.
>glorified violence. What else could I say? Love the action but lacks something….
Kimi wa pet
>I have no idea why… But I just love all of the characters … A slow romance… ’tis certianly looking to be one of the next candidates
City hunter
>ecchi, but not really ecchi. Anyways, funny as heck. Wonderful action. It’s like kkow in that respect. I have a lot of fun with this manga and it’s extremely enjoyable. Maybe if I read it enough I’ll give it a 10 (but I’ve never read it more than once)
Oresama teacher
>friendships, bromances, evurrrrywhere. I like the characters. Delinquents. Which is rare for a shojo. Minimal romance. If this were a fighting manga it’s be urghhh.. Puuurfect. But it’s pretty good as it is.
Saru lock
>the other potential ecchi that I like. I like te characters and I like the action. Plus it involves street gangs.
Psychometer eiji
>IMO psychometer eiji is gto done right. I just don’t like gto… But I like this manga… Wut…. Anyways. Psychometer is actually a delinquent manga at heart, despite the (quasi) police procedural stuff
>chocolat clicks with me for some reason. I have no idea why I like it, except for the fact that it involves yakuza. But there’s nothing else in it that matches my tastes, which is super weird.
Seigi no mikata
>love love love te situations and characters. Not enough releases.
Jiraishin diablo
>sequel to jiraishin. Immediately enters 10 candidacy. Not enough releases.
Yamikin ushijima-kun
>the dark version of kurosagi. I would give it a 10 (and it deserves the 10) but there aren’t enough chapters released.
Space adventure cobra
>space opera pirate James bond. What’s not to like? Action and characters are awesome. And story concept. I need more chapters before it can earn a 10
>also a very good manga but… It’s not complete and it was axed.
>awesome plot concept and awesome characters. Though I kind of spoiled it for myself by reading all the raws and completing the series. Kid’s a badass. So is Jesus.
>oh god I hope I spelt it right. Another coming of age manga that I liked… But I’m not sure and I don’t think I like it enough to score better. It was relatable when I started it but not once I had finished… Who knows? I’ll definitely be looking at this manga again in the future to see.
>another one that I love for some weird reason. Man, egscans knows exaclty what kind of manga I’d like. Anyways, holding off on upping the rank on this one til I see the end. 4/23/13: well, it ended. I’m still conflicted. The ending was a little weak, but I still really want to give it a 10. Or maybe not. Idk. Something about tripeace I really like, and I don’t know what, but some parts I don’t like, and I know exactly what……. Eh. So I’ll hold off a bit longer.
>an interesting one… Truth is shamo doesn’t actually have any rating. Shamo is my guilty pleasure. It puts me into a dark mood for at least a week when I read it. It’s hella unique. Darker than mindfk mangas, eviler than guro, more twisted than hentai…. It’s like actual evil. Cunning, intelligent, purposeful evil. I don’t know T_T weirdly enough I find it very similar to holyland. Actually that isn’t weird, it makes enough sense. Both are like a “can’t fit in to society” issue. So yeah, even if it doesn’t have a rating I’m still actually considering it for a high one. On a side note, I first read shamo a longgg time ago (on onemanga). Was too dark for me then. Dropped it before he even got out of the correctional whatever. Yeah. Can’t take too much shamo at once. It isn’t healthy for me. (even more off topic, the other mangas I’ve dropped back in the day cuz they were too dark but picked up later were zetman and berseck. Zetman is okay but idk about berseck)

Top manga (10) – angst, growing up, and finding one’s self

Aug 1 2012
Edit dec 26: also, rejection of society(‘s norms)

Top manga (10) – friendship and comrades

I actually like close friends. Unconditional trust, bromances, best friends for ever and ever, etc. Everything that would characterize an ideal romance except for the romance itself. Kind of like the ban/ginji relationship in the get backers (I would have loved that manga if it weren’t for all the angst. Argh.)


Hm…. I’ve recently been getting offline copies of all my fave 10… So far are Vinland saga, blue exorcist, nuramago, kkow, and maybe something else…. Dorohedoro looks to be next. I’m kinda tempted to buy lisenced copies of some of these. I’d go into barnes n noble or the library and read comics like there’s no tomorrow but no way in hell my pride would let me.
Interestigly enough my top genres now are action (486), drama (378), and comedy (363)… I’m kinda annoyed that drama won out over comedy but eh :/
Eh wth my total mangas tried/read is around 650 atm… Not including wish lists. LOL.

Current statuses – march 23 2013

Jus’ for curiosity’s sake

Completed when I started reading
Mermaid saga
Kazan (though I didn’t know it)
Angel densetsu
Chrono crusade

Completed after I started reading
Yuyu hakusho
Ushio and tora
Kyou Kara ore wa
Karakuri odette
Nurarihyon no mago

Ao no exorcist
Vinland saga
Black lagoon
Hyakki yakoushou
Ocha nigosu

update: 1/29/14
something else I like – I love the supernatural – fairytale supernatural. In other words, brothers grimm, traditional japanese/chinese mythology, youkai, and other folktale stories and characters.