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My two cents on the Newton shootings

Well, if you don’t know, I live in Connecticut. Newton is around an hour away.

So…. yeah. I probably wouldn’t dwell too much on it, but it’s so close to home. So I’ve been thinking. Newton’s in Fairfield county (aka parents all work in New York but can afford to live elsewhere) and is a good upper-middle class suburban town. Out of all places, an elementary school. I don’t really know how much more innocent/helpless you can get than kindergartners are. Probably the target that would shock people the most… They haven’t done a thing to offend others.

I guess it’s true that we don’t know reasons or exact details yet but still… I wonder.

Funny thing is we were talking about gun control laws in French class 2nd period, which was around 9:00. Right before the shooting happened. So what’s to blame, the guns or the people? I mean, probably no other peaceful country has as many gun deaths as the US does. But it’s impossible to ban guns because of the second amendment – the right to bear arms. That and over 200 years of gun history has made the NRA strong. I think the guns are to blame. Not directly, but they are the problem. Though it’s the person who pulls the trigger may be the killer but the gun makes it hella easy to kill. So easy. So simple. All it takes is a couple seconds of uncontrolled anger and you have dead bodies.

Getting rid of a lot of guns won’t end all violence. There’s always some psycho who will go out of his/her way to get it. But it will really get rid of a lot of the spontaneous violence. Most people are law-abiding citizens.  So yeah. Less guns = less gun violence fo sho.

But of course, I’m kind of reluctant because of the bill of rights… The constitution was only changed 27 times (the amendments) in our entire history. 27 times. It’s dam hard to change the constitution.

It’s entirely true that the second amendment was made for protection – protection against two groups, foreign invaders (like the indians, the french, and whoever else may attack the country) (because the national army and navy would never be able to get on location in a short amount of time – so militias were necessary) and the government itself, because the possession of guns would in a way threaten the government to please the people or else they would take up arms and revolt. Thing is, it was how the US government protected its people against itself. In the 1700’s French declaration of rights (or whatever it was called) the people were given the right to revolt and protest against the government if the government did not meet their needs. Not guns. Just a right to protest. (Which we kind of have in the first amendment… but that was originally aimed towards political and religious freedom – and only for words, not actions). Nowadays we generally trust the police or national guard to protect us against others. And the police will probably have guns… And there’s been no issue with the government/police (though never hurts to be cautious) recently. But guns never really work against fellow countrymen. I mean, if the dude next to you in line wants to kill you, you’d never be able to protect yourself. That’s the way it is.

And do I think society has some influence in this? Probably. Personally I love explosions and gun action movies and all that crap. But I think a lot of it has been a horrible influence on me. (like Shamo). I admit I like to imagine a lot of violent things and I do like dark/violent fiction. But I still don’t want to see them in real life. Maybe I’m still sane yet.


On piracy of media and software

written on 2011/09/23

You know, torrent sites, YouTube converters, blogs, and all the like….
I think piracy on the Internet is something detrimental to the industries it affects, but it’s also something that people in general don’t want to give up. I personally tend to download media for free rather than buy it. As to software, I occasionally download but I’m more guilty about it.
I bet music industries, programming companies, publishers and more all lose money from illegal downloads. However, is the lost profit made up for by the popularization of the product via widespread distribution? I don’t think so
Consumers can be categorized into four groups: people who buy the product and don’t know better/are too lazy to download for free, people who buy the product to support the developers, people who download illegally but would buy the product if they had no other choice, and people who download illegally but would never get the product if it wasn’t for free. Although we all probably fall into more than one of these categories, fact is, for every single unique purchase/download you only fall into ONE of the categories. Thus we can say that there are four groups, without any blurred lines.
I bet a lot of pirated products are downloaded by people who wouldn’t pay if they couldn’t download. And so with the industry claiming losses from illegal downloads, I can’t help but wonder if they take this into thought (they might, but I think that corporations would want to make their losses seem as great as possible to make the problem look worse). However, the people who do buy the products would buy the products whether there’s an option to download for free (which, by the way, takes more effort, time, and risks), and people who don’t buy but would buy if they had no choice would, obviously, buy because they had no choice. And we’re speaking theorhetically here, assuming that it is impossible to find/download pirated products.
But what about the popularity factor?

So I had been l…

Written december 12? 2011

So I had been looking for a good action manga… And I had problems
finding new ones. So…. I went back to zombie powder, and since it
was short… I decided that I had nothing else to do and decided to
read bleach next. I hadn’t touched that manga since maybe July/august
because well.. The fullbring arc was boring. I’ve tried re-reading
bleach in the past but I’ve never gotten far. And so.. With a fresher
mind, I realized that bleach is actually a good manga. It’s pretty
simple, sure, but the action scenes are nice, there’s a variety of
characters, and the plot knows where it’s going. I gotta say, my fav
characters are…. (warning: butchered names ahead) Ichigo, rukia,
renji, and grimmjow. Also like sado and youruchi. In a few days, I’ve
gotten to chap 230ish (my sleep schedule has taken a hell of a beating
because of that). So during the beginning of the hueco Munro arc, I
realize that since ichigo loses his shinigami powers, he loses his
sword (not quite sure what his name is, translations vary, probably
because of viz’s translation) and hollow ichigo. And if they’re gone
for good, then I miss them very much D:
And so, I decided to catch up on all the bleach that I had missed
(around 344-378).
I agree though. The fullbring arc is full of crap. Inconsistencies,
loopholes, awkward plot twists. A series that long is bound to and
allowed to have a few errors, and they’ve been minor in bleach (the
plot, at least the soul society one, flows very smoothly and twists
don’t seem contrived) but this was just ridiculous. I mean, why da faq
even mention that the guy was attacked by a hollow in the past and
that he had some hollow powers if his ass was going to be whipped by
ichigo in only bankai form? And screaming through my mind the whole
time with his “complete fullbring” was mecha. I don’t have anything
against mecha, but really? It’s just weird seeing it in bleach. Yes,
the plot against ichigo by the fullbring people with the sword and
inserting him in their past as an enemy was clever, but the rest of it
was messy and one good thing can’t redeem all of the bad. I don’t even
know why it was necessary to bring so many twists into the soul
society’s role (like the true purpose of the shinigami badge, the
reason why the captains came to help ichigo, what they were originally
planning to use ichigo for). It’s pretty simple just to make a new
enemy with a simple goal like destroy/rule the world without screwing
with our conception with the SS, becuase that’s just asking to give
away free plotholes.
So.. Yeah. In summary, after a long break from bleach I’m back into it

Detective comics 14

So, after putting off reading detective comics 14 ever since it came out Wednesday, I finally looked at it. It’s actually not that bad.
(interlude: why the hell am I talking about this? >_> oh well)
Aside from the fact that there’s an awful lot of unecessary kissing (I swear if you look through the dc comic tag on tumblr there’s always at least one image of Bruce kissing some girl lololol) I loved the batman-robin conversation. Really brings back the old exchanges they’d have and actually didn’t end in some kind of argument or lecture. Just a mentor and his sidekick. Gave me a nice fuzzy feeling. And with Damian, of all the robins. Wow.
I think Tim drake never got much of the batman-robin parnetship between all the crossovers and his own solo series… But maybe I just don’t remember as well. Tim really IS more of a partner than a sidekick in the sense that he held out quite well on his own.

DCnU Oracle as Batgirl and the Todd/Drake relationship

First of all, I don’t mind that Barbara has her spine fixed or whatever (given the high rate of recovery in the comic universe), and she is the original batgirl (Cassandra and steph and to an extent kane were all extra add on characters).. But… I loved Barbara as Oracle. As I said earlier, she can whup your ass even in the wheelchair, and to abandon cass and steph out of existence is just avoiding responsibility. If you’re going to waste the time and effort to make characters, then seriously, keep them. All of that I can live with (as long as cass and steph eventually come back) but the big thing is, Barbara is NOT a girl. She’s a woman. Just as Dick is no longer Robin, Barbara should no longer be batGIRL. She’s more of a batwoman now… She’s grown up, she’s experienced more, (has she graduated college yet in DCnU?) etc, etc. Batgirl is more of a teenage role.

I do love how Tim and Jason get along in DCnU. It’s really a nice take
but last time I checked…..

Tim and Jason last saw each other in battle for the cowl (crowbar is duly noted)
okay. Wow. Huge turnaround. It’s more amusing than anything else, but I just wanted to put that out there. Though looking back at the Tim/Jason relationships before battle for the cowl, I could see how they could have been friends

What Lobdell did wrong – DCnU and Tim Drake

So. I know that the relaunch is more for new readers than it is for old, but some parts of it are just infuriating. I would have been okay with most of it, if it weren’t for the red robin relaunch.
Let’s start out with all the differences.
In pre-DCnU Tim finds out batman’s identity through a bit of luck and some deductive skills. He surprised Dick and Bruce and Alfred by telling them that he knew. About all of them. And Jason. And he figured that Jason’s death was what was causing Bruce to go a little berserk. And then after being unable to convince dick to return to robin, he helps Bruce and eventually becomes robin himself. All of this because “batman needs a robin”. His parents do love him, though at the time they’re globe-trekking archaeologists that Tim sees little of. Once his mom dies though, his dad returns home and is the good, caring father. Tim never wanted to stay robin. He only did it because he felt he had no choice, because no one else could be. And batman needed him. For him, with his father and regular life, robin, and vigilante crime-fighting, was a temporary thing. Sure, Tim has always been the detective of the robins, but before he became robin, though he was smart, he never really exploited that potential. And he was probably an above average athlete, nothing special (though he is a bit young when he first becomes robin – too young to tell if he was a good athlete). The only reason why Tim became a brilliant detective and athlete was because of the training and experience Bruce put him through. And Tim probably grows and develops the most out of the robins so far. Originally he sees things in terms of black and white, but with the death of his dad and Bruce, he begins to drift into the grey. And of course, his detective skills become extremely honed and powerful. Still, he isn’t as good as barbara at hacking. Tim was the easiest to influence robin, and because of that he could change a lot.
Then when Red Robin was at its best, flashpoint happens.
DCnU Tim…… man. Alright. First of all, Tim’s a bit (edit: a lot) more like Jason, a bit cocky (Jason, on the other hand, is more tame). He’s friends with Jason (funny thing is last time Jason and Tim saw each other in battle for the cowl, Tim tried to beat Jason to death with a poker (he originally was supposed to be screaming “I’ll kill you” or something) and Jason stabbed and tried to kill Tim with a batarang). Aw, what the hell. He’s as arrogant as Damian. His real name isn’t Tim drake (though tbh i can live with that). Tim wants to APPLY for the robin job. He’s a gifted athlete and HACKER from the start. I guess in some ways he’s meant to fill the gap oracle left behind (I did love Barbara as oracle and as the original, she’s fine as batgirl again, but oracle was a badass hacker and could kick your ass, even in a wheelchair), but he certainly isn’t doing that while running around with the teen titans (and him and kon-el aren’t besties, wth). And Tim uses people from the start – on some kind of quest for excellence or something. Tim spends a heck of a time trying to find out who Bruce is. He’s not introduced through the graysons. He hacks penguin’s accounts to get Bruce’s attention. wdf, Bruce’s attention? really? He never was robin too. That’s sort of okay, except for two things: 1. we miss joker’s “wth I thought I killed you reaction” and we have an obvious change of the person on the job (guys guys! The old sidekick is probably dead. He’s running around with a new kid!) which probably makes Jason’s death more apparent. he’s a lot less obedient to Bruce. Again, using them.
So. There is almost no original Tim. from the name to the detective turning into the hacker. Bleh. But thing is, Lowell’s got it all wrong. He said in an interview that Tim was the normal kid, the one with the loving and living parents. But what kind of normal life does a kid who’s a olympic-to-be gymnast, a manipulative hacker, and a parent-loving pre-teen have? That is nothing normal. It’s not normal at all. Pre-DCnU had a choice between his two lives. This Tim gives himself no choice.
*sighs* … after all of this, there is a way DC can fix this. They’d better have uber duber awesome character development in order to make up for these changes. Tim won’t change in the new future, so I guess my favorite robin DCnU will be Damian. It’s much too hard to fk up given Damian’s character and potential development. At least I hope.

I can’t believe I just did that

When I heard that loud, sickening clunk, I knew I was screwed.
So. I dropped my portable hard drive on a tiled floor. It’s most definitely broken. Probably a bent one-of-those-fragile-hovering-writing-things. It would probably cost around $700-$1200 to fix. On it was a lot of miscallaneous docs/pics/music, a bunch of cbz/cbr files, a tiny bit of manga, a lot of digital photos, and my entire collection of ms screenshots and vids. I believe that all/most of the photos are still somewhere on my desktop/laptop. Those are the highest priority. The comics/manga can be found again. But the videos and screenshots… Screenshots I’m not too sure but videos are no where else. Argh. I knew I should have gotten more than one hard drive. I did know the risks when I bought/used it though. If quickly spinning magnetic disks holding data in a small plastic case isn’t fragile, then I don’t know what is. The other minor thing I’m annoyed about is that all the data (directory-wise) was very organized. And then I was using the 1Tb storage as a dump for files I wasn’t keeping on the computer (for space, mostly the comics) because my other hard drives don’t have that much space. Anyways, now is when I decide whether that bit of sentimental data is really worth hundreds of dollars. It was pretty important to me before the disk fell. My family would say no for sure (like I said, most important are the pictures which I sure as hell god forsaken hope I didn’t delete). Or maybe I’ll just keep the hard drive for now and make a decision in the future. Either way, I’m supremely annoyed with myself. Argh. Why did I have to do such a dumb thing? (seriously. I brought the hard drive into the bathroom. I don’t even know why I did that anymore, or what I was even going to use it for)
Now I’m wondering whether I should buy a new one because I don’t like deleting the cbz/cbr files I collect, and my hard drives can’t really fit them.
I don’t remember if it was running or not when it dropped. I sure as hell hope to god that it wasn’t. I don’t remember, oh great, oh man… Why was I such an idiot?
Lesson well learnt, lesson well learned. (hopefully)

Edit: okay. So damage control assessment. All of the camera pictures are accounted for (whew). Somehow I wasn’t as stupid as I thought I was and backed them from the portable drive to the desktop.
On the other hand, I’ve deleted just about all of maple pics and vids from my laptop and desktop. Ugh. Literally every single one. Now it’s a question of if I want to pay that much money to recover these files just because I want to preserve memories of a game and the comics just because I’m too lazy to re-download them/figure out which ones I’ve read already. So. Are my ms memories that important? Or does it not really matter?…

TLDR?: I dropped a hard drive. I’m a fucking moron.

Timothy Drake and the Robins

(how could you not resist that image?)

Personally, I like the robins. They give a different, fresh perspective to the batman franchise. I thought I liked Dick Grayson the most (because Dick Grayson is always Dick Grayson), (I did enjoy Damian and Jason as red hood, though I heard people hated Jason as robin) but after reading Red Robin, it’s fo sho Tim Drake. I guess what makes Tim different is that he’s the robin that has the most screen-time post crisis. DC has experimented the most with its comics post-crisis (sadly, probably a sign of failing sales), including long story arcs, crossovers, jason’s death, etc, etc. People like Bruce, Dick, and most others heroes/villains were already well established by then, so DC really couldn’t do much to change them (though most did become darker over time), except Jason (but let’s face it, pre-crisis Jason was boring even if he was a non-offensive copy of Dick)…. But anyways. Not Tim. Tim was given a chance to develop and grow (as does Damian, however it’s still much too early to judge anything Damian related – so if I don’t mention Damian it’ll be for that reason) and he does.

As far as robins go, Dick is the circus boy, Jason is the street orphan, Damian is the spoiled brat, and Tim is the ordinary kid. Both his parents are alive, they care for him (lest his father does after his mon dies, though his step-mom cares for him too), etc. In terms of skills, Dick is the acrobat, Jason is the street-wise, Damian is the fighter, and Tim is the detective.

At first, Tim has no intention of staying as robin. He thinks of it as something temporary (waiting for what kind of replacement, I have no idea) and plays the good robin (in comparaison to Jason). I think what held Tim back the most was his parents and the pain of lying to them. Unlike Bruce or Dick he has a regular life he has to commit to – not as a cover, but as a true, ordinary life he’s expected to have…

Aside from that little hint in teen titans, there are a few key events deaths that change tim’s outlook.

Stephanie’s death is a Quasi-one. Although it convinced him to take up the identity of robin again, I think Tim would have done it eventually anyways. Most important is the death of his father. The death of John Blake takes away any obligation Tim has for his regular life (no more daddy saying what to do or worrying over him) and essentially makes him like Bruce or Dick or Jason. Whatever held Tim back was now gone. Next would be the death of Bruce. That removes Tim completely away from the influence of his mentor and allows him to develop on his own. Even when Bruce returns, the difference is still there, Tim is still no longer robin, and he’s still very much on his own.

At the end of red robin, Tim is the ex-robin the most like Bruce. What separates batman from most other superheroes is his detective skills, which are tim’s strongest point. Seriously. Even ra’s al-ghul calls him detective.

(serious shit going on right there).
Then theres the mysterious creator of the assassin’s tournament, who makes another hint at tim’s future. Tim is rather manipulative like Bruce, dark, with more of a personal struggle between right and wrong than do the other characters (like, what ends justify the means?).

And like Bruce, Tim uses people. Though let me put it out there, Bruce sucks at anything that has to do with human relationships. Even when you don’t include women. Bruce manipulates people only because those people are oh so very eager to please him (I mean just about everyone – the robins, batgirls, huntress, etc etc. They’re all looking for his approval). Tim’s a little better. He’s much more closer with his friends (that’s one of they key differences between Tim and Bruce – he isn’t afraid of getting close to people) and isn’t afraid of letting them help him.
But Tim manipulates people friends and even enemies – by calculating all of their possible actions and reactions – and then adjusting them so that they work in his favor. Combine this with his intellect (who was it that said Tim was only 17?) and you get a very scary result.

(Tim always gets along with Dick though. Everyone does. How could you not like Dick’s personality?)

And of course, the breakup with tam. It’s very very unusual for a breakup. Usually in the batman franchise they involve a distance created by the “nighttime job,” or a difference in alliance with the good/bad side, or a reintroduction of an old love interest, or a drifting away caused by distance, or even a death. All of them pretty much involve the issue of being a masked hero. But nope. Not Tim. Tam breaks up with him because though she thinks the idea of red robin is cool, she thinks Tim as a person is an ass.

That isn’t to say though that Tim doesn’t have his happy/positive/good times. It’s just the note that it ended on. Either way, I’m pissed that Tim doesn’t have his own title in the new 52. Teen Titans just doesn’t cut it. Plus it goes to hell with all his character development and mellows him out and puts it there from the start. Oh well. Restarts.

Hm. That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure I had more to say but I forgot. Guess that’s the end of my non-proofread rant on Tim.
P.S. apologies for so many pics. Couldn’t resist myself

Now is when I wonder…

…is my life beyond repair?
I’m having serious procrastination issues right now…..

No Man’s Land (LOTDK 125)
If that isn’t the best chapter ever, then I don’t know what is

It’s just an amazing arc in general. A solid 120+ chapters, a year of comics. Unlike Elseworlds, NML throws characters in a completely new world while still remaining in the mainstream DC continuity. Everything is different, yet everything the same. An isolated hell on earth, yet a heaven to the ones who remain. It shows the best and worst of the characters. It examines their relationships from a new perspective.
SPOILERS(?): The climax (in my opinion) is when batman and gordon come to speaking turns again. Then there’s the detente as Luthor tries to overtake Gotham, up to the finale when Sarah is killed by the Joker… I guess that makes NML one of the sad endings of batman. Hopeful throughout with a sad ending (quote, “was it worth it?”). Unlike the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? storyline, where it’s depressing throughout but happy at the end. Anyways, I think the entire arc (Cataclysm all the way to the end of NML) is well worth the read.