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tues jan 31 2012

I find one of the most surprising things in ms is meeting people who aren’t on your bl again after many years… You only realize that you know them after looking through your screenshots… It’s happened to me twice, with kind and hyebandit. This and a lot of other chance meetings of people I already know. It’s a small world…..

thurs feb 16 2012

gl mangastream and red hawks scanlations…. times be changing

wed mar 21 2012

Just did 8 problems on the aime12a and I feel guuuuuuuuuudddd
then I realized that I hadn’t started my english term paper, my history term paper, and my national honor society application paper.
Hopefully I did nothing wrong… probably did T_T
Hopefully I’ll do just as well on the actual thing too…

wed mar 28 2012

what went wrong? everything.
what could have been done? everything.

tues jun 26 2012

Miracles don’t happen


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