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My two cents on the Newton shootings

Well, if you don’t know, I live in Connecticut. Newton is around an hour away.

So…. yeah. I probably wouldn’t dwell too much on it, but it’s so close to home. So I’ve been thinking. Newton’s in Fairfield county (aka parents all work in New York but can afford to live elsewhere) and is a good upper-middle class suburban town. Out of all places, an elementary school. I don’t really know how much more innocent/helpless you can get than kindergartners are. Probably the target that would shock people the most… They haven’t done a thing to offend others.

I guess it’s true that we don’t know reasons or exact details yet but still… I wonder.

Funny thing is we were talking about gun control laws in French class 2nd period, which was around 9:00. Right before the shooting happened. So what’s to blame, the guns or the people? I mean, probably no other peaceful country has as many gun deaths as the US does. But it’s impossible to ban guns because of the second amendment – the right to bear arms. That and over 200 years of gun history has made the NRA strong. I think the guns are to blame. Not directly, but they are the problem. Though it’s the person who pulls the trigger may be the killer but the gun makes it hella easy to kill. So easy. So simple. All it takes is a couple seconds of uncontrolled anger and you have dead bodies.

Getting rid of a lot of guns won’t end all violence. There’s always some psycho who will go out of his/her way to get it. But it will really get rid of a lot of the spontaneous violence. Most people are law-abiding citizens.  So yeah. Less guns = less gun violence fo sho.

But of course, I’m kind of reluctant because of the bill of rights… The constitution was only changed 27 times (the amendments) in our entire history. 27 times. It’s dam hard to change the constitution.

It’s entirely true that the second amendment was made for protection – protection against two groups, foreign invaders (like the indians, the french, and whoever else may attack the country) (because the national army and navy would never be able to get on location in a short amount of time – so militias were necessary) and the government itself, because the possession of guns would in a way threaten the government to please the people or else they would take up arms and revolt. Thing is, it was how the US government protected its people against itself. In the 1700’s French declaration of rights (or whatever it was called) the people were given the right to revolt and protest against the government if the government did not meet their needs. Not guns. Just a right to protest. (Which we kind of have in the first amendment… but that was originally aimed towards political and religious freedom – and only for words, not actions). Nowadays we generally trust the police or national guard to protect us against others. And the police will probably have guns… And there’s been no issue with the government/police (though never hurts to be cautious) recently. But guns never really work against fellow countrymen. I mean, if the dude next to you in line wants to kill you, you’d never be able to protect yourself. That’s the way it is.

And do I think society has some influence in this? Probably. Personally I love explosions and gun action movies and all that crap. But I think a lot of it has been a horrible influence on me. (like Shamo). I admit I like to imagine a lot of violent things and I do like dark/violent fiction. But I still don’t want to see them in real life. Maybe I’m still sane yet.


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