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Detective comics 14

So, after putting off reading detective comics 14 ever since it came out Wednesday, I finally looked at it. It’s actually not that bad.
(interlude: why the hell am I talking about this? >_> oh well)
Aside from the fact that there’s an awful lot of unecessary kissing (I swear if you look through the dc comic tag on tumblr there’s always at least one image of Bruce kissing some girl lololol) I loved the batman-robin conversation. Really brings back the old exchanges they’d have and actually didn’t end in some kind of argument or lecture. Just a mentor and his sidekick. Gave me a nice fuzzy feeling. And with Damian, of all the robins. Wow.
I think Tim drake never got much of the batman-robin parnetship between all the crossovers and his own solo series… But maybe I just don’t remember as well. Tim really IS more of a partner than a sidekick in the sense that he held out quite well on his own.


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