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DCnU Oracle as Batgirl and the Todd/Drake relationship

First of all, I don’t mind that Barbara has her spine fixed or whatever (given the high rate of recovery in the comic universe), and she is the original batgirl (Cassandra and steph and to an extent kane were all extra add on characters).. But… I loved Barbara as Oracle. As I said earlier, she can whup your ass even in the wheelchair, and to abandon cass and steph out of existence is just avoiding responsibility. If you’re going to waste the time and effort to make characters, then seriously, keep them. All of that I can live with (as long as cass and steph eventually come back) but the big thing is, Barbara is NOT a girl. She’s a woman. Just as Dick is no longer Robin, Barbara should no longer be batGIRL. She’s more of a batwoman now… She’s grown up, she’s experienced more, (has she graduated college yet in DCnU?) etc, etc. Batgirl is more of a teenage role.

I do love how Tim and Jason get along in DCnU. It’s really a nice take
but last time I checked…..

Tim and Jason last saw each other in battle for the cowl (crowbar is duly noted)
okay. Wow. Huge turnaround. It’s more amusing than anything else, but I just wanted to put that out there. Though looking back at the Tim/Jason relationships before battle for the cowl, I could see how they could have been friends


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