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I can’t believe I just did that

When I heard that loud, sickening clunk, I knew I was screwed.
So. I dropped my portable hard drive on a tiled floor. It’s most definitely broken. Probably a bent one-of-those-fragile-hovering-writing-things. It would probably cost around $700-$1200 to fix. On it was a lot of miscallaneous docs/pics/music, a bunch of cbz/cbr files, a tiny bit of manga, a lot of digital photos, and my entire collection of ms screenshots and vids. I believe that all/most of the photos are still somewhere on my desktop/laptop. Those are the highest priority. The comics/manga can be found again. But the videos and screenshots… Screenshots I’m not too sure but videos are no where else. Argh. I knew I should have gotten more than one hard drive. I did know the risks when I bought/used it though. If quickly spinning magnetic disks holding data in a small plastic case isn’t fragile, then I don’t know what is. The other minor thing I’m annoyed about is that all the data (directory-wise) was very organized. And then I was using the 1Tb storage as a dump for files I wasn’t keeping on the computer (for space, mostly the comics) because my other hard drives don’t have that much space. Anyways, now is when I decide whether that bit of sentimental data is really worth hundreds of dollars. It was pretty important to me before the disk fell. My family would say no for sure (like I said, most important are the pictures which I sure as hell god forsaken hope I didn’t delete). Or maybe I’ll just keep the hard drive for now and make a decision in the future. Either way, I’m supremely annoyed with myself. Argh. Why did I have to do such a dumb thing? (seriously. I brought the hard drive into the bathroom. I don’t even know why I did that anymore, or what I was even going to use it for)
Now I’m wondering whether I should buy a new one because I don’t like deleting the cbz/cbr files I collect, and my hard drives can’t really fit them.
I don’t remember if it was running or not when it dropped. I sure as hell hope to god that it wasn’t. I don’t remember, oh great, oh man… Why was I such an idiot?
Lesson well learnt, lesson well learned. (hopefully)

Edit: okay. So damage control assessment. All of the camera pictures are accounted for (whew). Somehow I wasn’t as stupid as I thought I was and backed them from the portable drive to the desktop.
On the other hand, I’ve deleted just about all of maple pics and vids from my laptop and desktop. Ugh. Literally every single one. Now it’s a question of if I want to pay that much money to recover these files just because I want to preserve memories of a game and the comics just because I’m too lazy to re-download them/figure out which ones I’ve read already. So. Are my ms memories that important? Or does it not really matter?…

TLDR?: I dropped a hard drive. I’m a fucking moron.


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