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No Man’s Land (LOTDK 125)
If that isn’t the best chapter ever, then I don’t know what is

It’s just an amazing arc in general. A solid 120+ chapters, a year of comics. Unlike Elseworlds, NML throws characters in a completely new world while still remaining in the mainstream DC continuity. Everything is different, yet everything the same. An isolated hell on earth, yet a heaven to the ones who remain. It shows the best and worst of the characters. It examines their relationships from a new perspective.
SPOILERS(?): The climax (in my opinion) is when batman and gordon come to speaking turns again. Then there’s the detente as Luthor tries to overtake Gotham, up to the finale when Sarah is killed by the Joker… I guess that makes NML one of the sad endings of batman. Hopeful throughout with a sad ending (quote, “was it worth it?”). Unlike the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? storyline, where it’s depressing throughout but happy at the end. Anyways, I think the entire arc (Cataclysm all the way to the end of NML) is well worth the read.


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