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Bleach (manga) rant 2

Lol more bleach
But in all honesty, the one character whose fights I actually really care about are ichigo’s. The rest I kind of bleh through. Even more specifically, the parts I really live for in his fights are when he goes berseck (hollowfies) or makes his opponent go like “WTF who exactly is this guy?”
I think there are a lot more mangas with crazier character (skipped idk how many chapters to get to ichigo’s/uquiolla’s (butcherednamelol) fight. But my gods. Fight of the arc >_>. I should re-read the aizen fight, it’s really foggy in my memory because I probably read it on a week-to-week basis. But the aizen fight is still inferior 😛

Anyways, I’ve found myself browsing the mangafox (mangafox = selfish crappy assholes, but it also sadly has the most active though somewhat immature community) forums reading and commenting. The only other manga that I think I’ve ever actually done this with was with Vinland saga (Vinland saga = <3) crazy. I think I don't have anything to really read. Bleach's rating on MU has gone down to 7.99, but fullbring arc aside, it really is a good piece of work that deserves better……..


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