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Bleach (manga) rant

So I had been looking for a good action manga… And I had problems 
finding new ones. So…. I went back to zombie powder, and since it 
was short… I decided that I had nothing else to do and decided to 
read bleach next. I hadn’t touched that manga since maybe July/august 
because well.. The fullbring arc was boring. I’ve tried re-reading 
bleach in the past but I’ve never gotten far. And so.. With a fresher 
mind, I realized that bleach is actually a good manga. It’s pretty 
simple, sure, but the action scenes are nice, there’s a variety of 
characters, and the plot knows where it’s going. I gotta say, my fav 
characters are…. (warning: butchered names ahead) Ichigo, rukia, 
renji, and grimmjow. Also like sado and youruchi. In a few days, I’ve 
gotten to chap 230ish (my sleep schedule has taken a hell of a beating 
because of that). So during the beginning of the hueco Munro arc, I 
realize that since ichigo loses his shinigami powers, he loses his 
sword (not quite sure what his name is, translations vary, probably 
because of viz’s translation) and hollow ichigo. And if they’re gone 
for good, then I miss them very much D:
And so, I decided to catch up on all the bleach that I had missed 
(around 344-378).
I agree though. The fullbring arc is full of crap. Inconsistencies, 
loopholes, awkward plot twists. A series that long is bound to and 
allowed to have a few errors, and they’ve been minor in bleach (the 
plot, at least the soul society one, flows very smoothly and twists 
don’t seem contrived) but this was just ridiculous. I mean, why da faq 
even mention that the guy was attacked by a hollow in the past and 
that he had some hollow powers if his ass was going to be whipped by 
ichigo in only bankai form? And screaming through my mind the whole 
time with his “complete fullbring” was mecha. I don’t have anything 
against mecha, but really? It’s just weird seeing it in bleach. Yes, 
the plot against ichigo by the fullbring people with the sword and 
inserting him in their past as an enemy was clever, but the rest of it 
was messy and one good thing can’t redeem all of the bad. I don’t even 
know why it was necessary to bring so many twists into the soul 
society’s role (like the true purpose of the shinigami badge, the 
reason why the captains came to help ichigo, what they were originally 
planning to use ichigo for). It’s pretty simple just to make a new 
enemy with a simple goal like destroy/rule the world without screwing 
with our conception with the SS, becuase that’s just asking to give 
away free plotholes.
So.. Yeah. In summary, after a long break from bleach I’m back into it 


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