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USAMO or Uconn

I feel like this is what my college application revolves around (as a junior). I really have no redeeming qualities aside from my math, which is good because I’m female but bad because I’m Asian. But really. I’m not good at sports, I’m good but mediocre on the level of people that are actually good/care (plus I have almost no talent/drive)about instruments/violin. I’m not socially active, I’m not too active in clubs, I’m no leader. I don’t have a teacher that can write me a good reccommendation. I can’t present myself in an interview or an essay. And my grades are good but so are everyone’s who apply to a good college… So yeah. The best thing that I can possibly do is to make usamo. And I’m afraid that I can’t do that, whether from procrastinating or from lack of talent/time….
It’s scary… Really….. I hope I’ll be able to study even with all the schoolwork.
A little over 2 months left………..


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