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Pkmn 1st movie soundtrack

Well, I googled it a couple months back, but I haven’t until now decided to search up those songs on YouTube. And damn… It’s so nostalgic. Started crying when I started to listen to “if it were you”. (I’ve looked up dot say you love me awhile back, but that was all). Also went and looked at the opening to the 1st season show.
Anyways, when we were kids we got this pokemon cassette with the 1st movie tracks on it… It was sorta disappointing at first because we were like, “lol? This isn’t pokemon? It’s just a bunch of songs” but we listened to it anyways. Over and over again. Until the cassette broke. And then we were sad. I must have been around 6-8 when we owned that tape. It’s pretty amazing because I still remember an awful lot of those lyrics…. Wow….. Oh butthe really funny thing was that I saw an awful lot of maple Mvs (mmvs)… Hahaha tells you what kind of person likes maple/pokemon


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