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Dark Cloud on PCSX2 and Chaos

Well, for the last couple of days I’ve been playing dark cloud on pcsx2 on my laptop… 3Gb RAM, intel core duo 2.1Ghz… I don’t remember anything else. But I’m satisfied with my 30fps game playing. Dark cloud is just that worth it. On the other hand, I could never make an unbiased judgement of that game. In two days, I got farther than we ever did in 6-7 years….
Which also means that I’m missing the first patch of chaos. Which means that I’ve missed an awful lot of the chaos events…. Bleh. Most of them involve leveling a lot, anyways, or giving gifts to new/returning characters. The event lasts for almost two months, so I have awhile to claim my gifts on all of my characters… The ones I haven’t logged on in awhile are the ones I don’t care about -.-
and of course, even though this is tespia tested, there’s still a lot of bugs. I was invited, but got too lazy. Ugh. There’s no way I can do anything. I even missed the hyper tele rock.
Hopefully jumpstart characters will be given a *sparkles* new slot.


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