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I am never playing Minecraft again

It’s really not minecraft’s fault though. In fact, minecraft’s a great game. It’s really weird. Whenever I play a game that has dark/dull graphics (minecraft dungeons, twilight princess, call of duty (and other 1st person shooting games), etc) for 15 minutes to a couple hours, I get sick. The carsick kind of sick, where I feel like I’m going to throw up (everything else is fine). There’s actually been an occasion where I’ve actually thrown up. It also happens/happens more easily when I’m frustrated by a game. After I stop playing, the sickness stays for an hour or so (shorter if I throw up)

So pretty much, in other words, I can only comfortably play colorful games like pokemon, maplestory, neopets, itouch games, you know, games where people ask me, “but isn’t that a game for kids?” (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t).

It’s such a pain; I have no idea why it happens. I wish it didn’t


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