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Maplestory nostalgia

You won’t understand this unless you play the game maplestory (global)
Yesterday I went to nlc and the phantom forest. I bought a ton of all cures, killed a bf, killed a hh, and then decided to go to cwk. I finished the storming the castle quest, got the cwk keystone (wth am I supposed to use that for? I’m not going to lead a cwkpq). I learned how to use my MoH (finally) and learned that it’s really stupid to go to cwk without return scrolls….. Afterwards, while surfing basil, someone had copied from spadow’s blog about the new alchemy skills in kms. They’re getting rid of maker. I felt really nostalgic….
I’m going to miss maker skill. I hate the fact that I’ll either need to make mules or deal with other people to make an equip. And as long as I’m talking about what I miss….. I miss pre-bb. I miss the old spawn places. I miss the time when there were 4 jobs and no 4th job. I miss the time NLs were night roads. I miss tiger (the god back then). I miss looking up to suuushi. I miss the time dray’s vids looked godly. I miss when people asked how to get to sleepy, and you’d reply, “top-right of hene, look out for the golems in the pit”. I miss the strong golems. I miss FoG. I miss the fear of Crogs during the ellinia-orbis trip. I miss the damage of the old bosses. I miss bf’s pwnage (“****, I tele’d/fj’d into bf” was pretty common). I miss the time when the only way to kill someone safe was to use a summoning back. I miss the time the male showa boss did 4k damage (now wtf am I supposed to do with those sacks?). I miss the time hermits were the only jobs with sp and fj. I miss endure. I miss the time vic was a loop. I miss mming. I miss the iron hogs around mm. I miss fearing taurospears. I miss the time you could npc equips for a nice amount of mesos (a 3x wand sold for over 100k). I miss the time when d/c hacks didn’t exist. I miss the time when hacking was only the simple and childish vac, fly hack, and god mode. I miss the time I could walk through the fm without d/cing from lag (and my network+computer sucked back then). I miss the time when people didn’t hate you because you took over 10min during a zak. I miss LMPQ sooo much. I miss the ability to npc pots for a good amount of money. I miss fearing jr. boogies and fierries. I miss copper and red drakes in perion, where they belonged. I miss the zombie lupins in the kerning swamps. I miss all of the warning streets. I miss the time people actually opq’d and mpq’d. I miss the old kpq and the old lpq. I miss the time no maple tvs existed. I miss when nx actually didn’t give you an advantage in gameplay. I miss the time there were no shoutout smegas. I miss the time when there were more mages. I miss the old official site. I miss the old official forums. I miss when MSEA was ahead of us. I miss thinking that horntail was unbeatable. I miss the time when people would claim that anyone above 105 hacked, and we would all believe him. I miss training on monsters that weren’t within 3 levels of yours. I miss the mushy trees in ellinia. I miss zombie mushies ONLY in sleepy. I miss training at the ant tunnel. I miss hhg1 with the old spawns of green mushies and orange mushies. I miss training at the pig beach. I miss searching for pig beach. I miss the iron hog at pig beach. I miss the time when 2nd job was actually an achievement. I miss the time lpq channels were full. I miss the time when track and a/c would get you into a party. I miss the old map of victoria. I miss when vic and maple island were the only places with maps. I miss the fear of orange mushrooms on maple island. I miss actually having to grind on maple island to reach 10. I miss wizet. I miss tomato field (that was my favorite maple island map). I miss when 30-35 were hell levels. I miss when hidden streets were ACTUALLY hidden. What I miss the most, however, is thinking that nothing would change.

Sure, there are plenty of things new to maple that I enjoy… but……. still. I would love the old things back.

Edit: 6/29/11
I miss when mages struggled to get from maple island to vic (that’s why they could advance at level 8 instead of 10). I miss when three snails actually took a snail shell to throw, so you had to collect them to use them. I miss when three snails had no acc formula and could hit anything. I miss the old accuracy formula. I miss the old avoid formula. I miss when clerics weren’t hs slaves but all-important heal slaves instead. I miss how huge and uncluttered the town maps were. I miss selling/buying drake skins at 5k each. I miss when cursed dolls were 5k each. I miss when the dead mine had a time limit. I miss when heal did damage to monsters. I miss the old animations (I can’t recognize the new ones at all so I can’t tell if the priest is healing me or not). I miss feeling awesome when I got to level 15 and could fame. I miss feeling special because I was a thief and I only lost 5% when I died. I miss how you could do so many costomizations with the old damage formula. I miss ks wars at hhg (bottom floor shrooms and snails, 2nd floor blue snails and slimes, 3rd floor red snails and orange mushies, top floor green mushies). I miss when a good lupin map did t exist. I miss getting pwned by crogs. I miss crog’s 4k damage. I miss when taurospears were the craziest betches ever. I miss exploring new regions when they came out. I miss feeling acomplishment when I reached 2nd job. I miss dressing up like a noob to fool people at level 20, meeting a level 40 also pretending to be a noob and telling him how godly and high his level was (now sometimes people say that to me). I miss when dressing like a noob actually fooled people and made sense. I miss when nx was only for looks and the occasional failed gachapon (ores, anybody?). I miss when people would glitch mushie stores in the fm and have one store on top of the other. I miss when I could walk through the fm in a populated world with my crappy Internet connection and my crappy laptop specs and lag less than I do nowdays when I walk through town. I miss when 10att wgs weren’t a ridiculous 280mil each. I miss when hackers didn’t have such a huge and obvious monopoly. I miss the ability to just strike up a random conversation with people anywhere and become friends. I miss when people hung out in town for the sake of hanging out. I miss meeting friends in pqs. I miss when pqs were actually decent exp. I miss no pirates. I miss choosing a character’s job based on the first stat that rolled a 10. I miss when everyone had numbers in their name and no one gave a damn. I miss the drama over who tiger was, what happened the times he disappeared from the ranks, and his forum posts when he was hacked (and all those times everyone claimed that he sued nexon). I miss when the worlds would always be highly or over populated during weekend afternoons. I miss the ever popular GM events. I miss npcing the blue potions from icarus’s “I’m bored” quest and feeling like I made a lot of money. I miss when pots could be npc’s for a good amount of money. I miss lmpq. I miss 2x and 1minute lmpqs (“npc!” “rech!”). I miss when stars were worth a lot (tobi 2mil, steely 17mil, ilbi 40mil). I miss getting throwing tops for 100k and when that was a good deal. I miss thinking 1mil was rich. I miss the golem pit. I miss when hene was the fastest way to sleepywood. I miss gettig stuck in sleepywood. I miss when people thought you were a hacker when you were a level 1 in Vic. I miss when pio’s recycling needed 10 each of screws and boards. I miss the house next to the pot shop in amethyst that had TWO boxes so that I would cc from each channel til I got 10. I miss when that very same box spawn took a long time so people fought over it. I miss the three way road split on maple island where Mai used to be and that annoying slope on the top right of the map. I miss earning a fruit knife. I miss buying/selling orange mushy caps for bigg’s quest. I miss having to pay for the trip to Vic anyways. I miss when maple island was full of people. I miss learning the facial expressions. I miss having to walk to/find the job instructors (80-120 beginner meso fee was waaay to expensive). I miss thinking the cab was too expensive, so I carried around a return scroll to each town (there were 6 of them: lith, hene, ellinia, kerning, perion, and sleepy) plus the regular return scroll. I miss when it was difficult to find a ch at sakura ceions because they dropped a ton of mesos. I miss racing down Orbis tower. I miss walking down all of eos to take the 10 photos, and then forced to go back up (tower scrolls? Ewwww, too expensive). I miss the old pq bonus rewards. I miss pq bonus reward rooms. I miss guild pq. I miss when you couldn’t return scroll in a tower. Holy crud I think I’ve been writing for a good 45min.
They say maple is more of a grindfest now, even though exp is lower than ever, maps are more suitable for trainig, and monsters spawn better and give more exp. Thing is, even with the 8% an hour, etc, it was more about fun. Everything in maple now is directed towards grinding or godly damage. No one cares about the others, no one talks. Back then there were, of course, the damage hoes and showoffs, but there were also people who didn’t care. Maple just seemed like it was more of a game, with a community. Now it’s just a level-driven damage-driven hacker-driven money-hungry machine.


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