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My mom and cleanliness

My mom probably keeps this house together in terms of cleanliness and organization. Right now she’s on a trip to china, and you can just tell the differences. Our beds aren’t made, the blinds are down, there’s stuff scattered over the floor, the laundry gets dumped on the sofa for the whole morning, there’s no milk in the fridge (actually, there’s no food in the fridge at all, just premade meals in the freezer), the tv’s on 24/7, and more. My dad is more or less, a slob. The only two places in our house that never get cleaned are the area around my dad’s nightstand and the inside of his car.
It’s like “Our Town”, isn’t it?
I remember once my mom was complaining that my dad didn’t do anything, and she asked him what he would do if the toilet paper ran out. He replied, “from below the sink.” Which was hilarious because the toilet paper from below the sink comes from the basement where my mom carries the toilet paper down to after she buys it from Sam’s Club and wherenot. It’s not like I’m any better, but this sorta illustrates what it’s like.
We bet that if our family hired a maid, my mom would be complaining that the maid never cleaned CLEANLY enough.


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