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I am so irritated.

So…. AMC10 and AMC12…. Ever heard of it?
I got a 97.5 on the amc12. Cuttoff score for the AIME is usually around 100, meaning I probably did t make it. I’m a sophomore, so I should have taken the amc10. I SHOULD HAVE. I’m so pissed. I guess it’s not too big of a deal, because I have next year too, but it’ll look good if I make the AIME for all 3 years. I may be smart, yeah, but I’m no genius (unlike a certain Alex C.). Getting the highest score last year in the amc10 (120, I think) must have swollen my head. It was just really a fluke. I barely made it anyways, since I guessed on one, and the sophs at the time sucked at math too….. I’m. So. Dumb. And like I said, pissed too. Now I have three ways to lose. 1, I could not make the AIME, which would piss me off. 2, I could practice for the AIME but not make it, which would piss me off even more. 3, I could not practice for the AIME and actually make it, which would STILL piss me off because I’ll have less time to practice (though with a 97.5, it’s not like I had a chance of making the US Olympiad anyways).
This sucks. I feel like I have no achievements (apparently 2 good satII scores, track+field, 4.5 gpa, violin playing, key club, etc. don’t count) that would make me stand out. Maybe I should just go to uconn and hope for a full scholarship or something (after all, my parents said that they’d pay us what we earned in scholarships….)
just writing this makes me feel like I’ve been brainwashed by my parents or something….. (the whole, “don’t look at people worse than you because it’s bad to compare. Also, take a look at these people better than you; you should be more like them” thing.
Luckily, my schedule’s been cleared up for the next month or so (IF I don’t make the AIME, because if I do, my life will be hell again), so maybe, I can relax….. Or study for AP bio.


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