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On TIME and “Tiger moms” (1)

Soo….. In response to TIME’s article and the response on the book “Tiger Mom” by Amy Chua, and from the view of a child being raised by Chinese parents in America, the Americans don’t really understand what it’s like to be raised by an asian parent. Although a bit extreme at times (outright name calling? harsh), yes, she really did threaten to burn her children’s stuffed animals. Our dad is our “tiger mom”/dad. He always asks us about our day at school, what grades we got, how we did, every day, multiple times. Whenever we do well, he forgets and asks us later. Whenever we do bad, he starts yelling at us and complaining about what we did wrong, why it’s our fault, and then tops it off by “helping” us study, whether we still need to know the info or not. I could go on, but if you search on youtube “asian parents”, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of examples. And trust me, they don’t exaggerate. >.>

But back on topic, the American way of raising kids and the Chinese way are just completely different. Parents in China pretty much shape (beat) their kids into what they are (studious, obedient, obey-the-authority). The mindset of the Chinese and the mindset of the American are so different, that I could say, with a bit of exaggeration, that I’m surprised that the two are of the same species. (mindwise.)


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