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My old town

The summer after 1st grade, I moved from Syracuse to Connecticut. Of course, that meant leaving my friends behind. (it also happened that 4 other families moved here from syracuse in that general time… I guess Carrier was firing and p+w was hiring)
There are three friends that I remember the most: the guy I liked and my two Chinese best friends.
I’ve met my two friends on 3 different occasions since then; our family would go back to meet them (after all, our Chinese parents were friends). The first time was perhaps after 4th or 3rd grade, the second was maybe before 6th grade, and the last was after 8th grade. The last meeting…. its amazing how much people can change during the course of middle school. Her personality was the same but… we were all just different people.
They probably don’t miss me as much as I miss them,but its all very nostalgic to me.
I wish we were still good friends. I really do.


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